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Substantive Areas of Work

Nirmit Charitable Trust has been operating in the field of Education & Medical Aid since its inception. Being a community based Project, it aimed at breaking barriers towards acquisition of Education for the deprived & underprivileged section of the community.


Introduction :

The objectives of the Education Project revolves around the fact that Merit & Solid Academic background are the 2 major criteria’s based on which most Non Profit Organizations sponsor education. On this issue Nirmit Charitable Trust has different opinion. The Trust’s major objective is to promote "EDUCATION FOR ALL". It doesn’t favour the discrimination of students based on merit. Therefore our approach is more NEED BASED rather than MERIT BASED.

Objectives :

Believing in the concept of “Iqra” which signifies the importance of acquiring knowledge & powered by the Right to Education which entitles every child to acquire free and compulsory education, Nirmit Charitable Trust envisions the following major objectives under the Education Project :

  • 01. To support the most downtrodden & deprived young Memons in the process of acquiring elementary education thus breaking all barriers towards acquisition of quality education.
  • 02. To facilitate the education in line with the principles of equality of opportunity among individuals.
  • 03. To Educate, Empower, Elevate the young generation of the community thus preparing them for active participation & contribution towards the community, society & finally the nation.
  • 04. To promote self-sufficiency and fight against dependency thus raising the standard of living.
  • 05. To fight with growing poverty, unemployment & illiteracy within the community by revolutionizing life’s through the means of education thus making them literate, employable & self sufficient.
  • 06. Last but not the least, to prepare a cadre of young intellectuals within the community who could steer through the expectation of the community, society & help construct a strong nation.


The main aim was to support as many students as possible to encourage students acquire quality education. Students were supported for different courses from Nursery to higher education. A systematic procedure and criteria’s are laid down to evaluate each applicant’s candidature. The reach of our education program is throughout India. The main objective of the program is to Educate, Empower, Elevate the young generation of the community thus preparing them for active participation and contribution towards the community society and finally the nation.NCT looks at supporting children in general keeping in mind the Child’s Right to Education and this will depend upon availability of General fund which can be utilized for the same.